100 Nights Comfort Switch


Getting the right mattress is as easy and stress-free at FurnitureMart.

Test any of our mattresses for 100 nights. If you still not sure about the comfort,  don’t stress, we’ll switch it up!

Terms & Conditions

At FurnitureMart we know that we all like different comfort levels when it comes to mattresses and a getting the perfect nights’ sleep.

That’s why we are giving customers the option to sleep on a mattress for 100 nights, if they don’t love it, we’ll switch it up!

When your new mattress arrives at your home, we require you to sleep on it for 30 nights as this has been proven to be the minimum period for your body to adjust to a new mattress.

In order to qualify for the 100 night comfort switch – you are required to purchase a new mattress protector from FurnitureMart to protect your mattress from stains, spills, marks and to keep it in a clean condition.

Should you not purchase a new protector, you may NOT exchange your mattress.

In order for FurnitureMart to switch your mattress up, we require the mattress to be in 100% perfect condition, i.e. no spills or stains anywhere. + we will pick up your mattress at our cost, So you have absolutely no return costs.