Genessi dream firm

Genessi Dream Firm King Bed Set Extra Length


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  • Smart active layers provide a firm sleep experience. Increased density, flexibility, and elasticity provide optimal support where it is needed most

Pressure Free

  • The combinations of foams will conform to your body in every sleeping position with reduced pressure against your body’s pressure points, allowing better blood circulation, less turning and a better night’s rest.

Better Posture

  • The combinations of luxury foam layers fully support your body ensuring better pressure.

Disturbance Free

  • Foam with its natural absorbency properties, will ensure you wake up when you want to and not when your partner moves.

Super Durable

  • No moving parts and it wont lose its elasticity.

  • Due to its structure, an open – cell foam allows the mattress to breathe thereby eliminating moisture retention.
  • 10 Years warranty and 1 Year guarantee
Weight90 kg
Length200 cm
Width183 cm
Height60 cm




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